Friday, August 9, 2013

Boston Bound

This week I played hookie from summer vacation to go on holiday in Boston for a visit with my wonderful sister.  It was a short stay—far too short!—but we made it count.
In the course of two days, we visited the Franklin Park Zoo, where we saw a most entertaining giraffe who made faces at us and then shared a genial how-de-do with the neighborhood zebra…

 …the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (where they don’t let you take pictures), and Harvard, otherwise known as Haaavaaad…

…and we saw Cavalia (where they also don’t let you take pictures, but they can’t stop you from snapping a photo of their billboard)!

Cavalia is not only beyond pictures, it’s beyond words.  The stunt riding is absolutely terrific, but what I found really stunning was the silent communication between horse and rider in the unmounted scenes.  Watch the trailer for the 2013 Odysseo show on Youtube—it’s breathtaking.

And Boston, as always, is lovely.  We had terrific, cool weather (something I understand is not a rule in Beantown for late July), and the only time it rained was for the ten minutes I was dragging my bags back to the T—which happened to be out of commission for the moment, with shuttle buses subbing in the rush-hour traffic—for the trip back to the airport.

But the real fun of the trip was spending time with my sister.  The worst part of being a grownup is moving off to live in a place that is NOT where your sister lives.  But we’ll have another reunion soon.  That’s why they invented vacation.